This too, shall pass

This too shall pass, is an ancient saying I’m sure many of you are familiar with. It’s a philosophy I’ve long embraced, and I’ve used it as a mantra to get through many tough times. But it’s not just for tough times, it’s for all times. It took me a long time to realize that. We have our highs and lows in life, but I think it’s important to stay as even keeled as possible. Good times, bad times, mediocre times: this too shall pass.

Lately, things have been good, but it’s all coming to a crashing halt. What am I going to do? My play, Love Is Strange (Magenta Giraffe Theatre Company) comes to a close this weekend. It ends what has been a pretty remarkable two month period for me. When an experience you are enjoying comes to a halt, of course it’s going to affect you. But I’ll try not to get too “low”when this play closes, just like I tried not get too “high” during this recent run. I will try not to make my happiness contingent upon “successes” or “failure” because this too shall pass.

Now that I’m done trying to baffle you with my bullshit, I’m going to give one last plug to Love Is Strange. This weekend is your last chance to see four remarkable performances by four amazing actors(Chris Jakob, Allison Megroet, Joel Mitchell and Katie Terpstra). Every time I watch them, I’m left in awe, and as a playwright I couldn’t be happier with them, or with the direction they’ve received from Frannie Shepherd-Bates. The last two performances are this Friday and Saturday at The Abreact Performance space. Details below and If you come join us, you may never listen to Elvis the same way again.

This picture pretty much sums up exactly what this play is about.


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