Random things about me…

I’m left-handed.
I’ve run 8 marathons and I still plan on getting faster… even at my advanced age.
I used to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day.
I eat chocolate every day of my life.
I’m a hopeless romantic.
For a 5″8″ middle-aged white guy who never played basketball in high school, I got mad skilz in it.
I once got chased by a billy-goat.
If the Lions ever win the Super Bowl, I’ll cry like a baby.
I wasn’t in my first full-length play until I was in my mid-thirties.
I didn’t write my first  play until I was over forty.
I think the 60s was the best decade of music.
I’m extremely emotional, but I hide it well.
Canada Geese scare the hell me.

The Observer/Eccentric newspapers were good enough to run an article about me March 9, 2014:

Local actor pens plays, performs unscripted improv

Written by Sharon Dargay, Staff Writer

sean-corktownshirtSean Paraventi’s newest and oldest plays run simultaneously this month at two different theaters in metro Detroit. And a third work hits the stage in April.

Not bad for a guy who wrote his first play after age 40.

“It’s unprecedented. It’s exciting,” said Paraventi, considering that three of his seven plays will be staged this spring. “Two of the plays overlap by two weeks.”

The Redford playwright and actor made his writing debut in 2010 at the Magenta Giraffe Theatre Company with The Current, a play about a bachelorette party that goes off-track when the bride-to-be and her friends visit a psychic. The comedy runs March 21-April 13 at Two Muses Theatre in West Bloomfield.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Contact me at seanparaventi@gmail.com.

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