Imagination is more important than knowledge.
-Albert Einstein

ClickItCommercialMy name is Sean Paraventi. I’m a Detroit playwright and actor. (Insert predictable joke about Detroit here.) Yes, I’m proud to be from the D.

I try to write plays that both theatre and non-theatre people can enjoy. Often my plays are linear and they make sense! (Crazy huh?) I believe my job as a playwright first and foremost is to entertain. If plays don’t entertain, they can’t accomplish anything else. I never take myself too seriously but I always take my work seriously.

I strive to bring fully rounded characters to the stage — people who meet the challenges I throw at them with a fair amount of humor – usually, although not always. I have been known to visit my dark side on occasion.

commercial-demoPlease check out my other pages for a complete list and description of my plays and other nifty stuff. Like this commercial demo. (click to view on youtube.)

Thanks for visiting, and for God’s sake, turn off the computer and TV every now and then and go out and see some local theatre!

You’ll be a better person for it.

Contact me at: huckfynn2001@yahoo.com

1 Response to Welcome

  1. Mary K Williams says:

    Ha, funny stuff! Huckyfynn, one of Kit’s favorite characters from childhood, is that the influence by chance? The gift of writing runs in the family for sure. Last I remember you I was playing peek a boo with you in your playpen, lol How I miss the good old days, hanging out at your place was my favorite thing to do, it was always lively and creative. No surprise that all of you have something to do with the arts.Big props, keep up the good work!

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